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What could be better than cookies for breakfast? I’m more of a sweet rather than savory breakfast kind of gal. I always wake up craving sweets and no matter what I do I don’t think I’ll ever change. So I’m always experimenting with new vegan & gluten-free breakfast recipes to satisfy my sweetest of sweet tooths. I love the idea of baking up a batch of healthy breakfast cookies. Especially this time of year, it’s nice to have a warm batch of freshly baked cookies in the morning.

I’ve rounded up a couple of vegan recipes for you all to experiment with. Trust me, once you try making cookies for breakfast, your whole world will change. For some reason, we all have this idea in our heads that cookies are unhealthy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! These cookies are all packed with nutrition in the form of fruit, nuts, and seeds. They’ll leave you full and satisfied and add a little pep to your step in the morning.

There’s these ‘almost’ breakfast cookies that are not too sweet and super nutty. They’ve got a good amount of peanut butter in them as well as a mixture of macadamia nuts and almonds. So they’re packed with protein, meaning you’ll stay full for longer. I have a recipe for vegan & gluten-free blueberry oatmeal raisin cookies that only take 5 ingredients and 15 minutes to make. The base is a yummy combination of banana and oats with blueberries, raisins, and cinnamon. They’re so naturally sweet with no added sugar, super soft, and extra chewy. 

These fully loaded breakfast cookies are just what they sound like. They’re absolutely fully loaded with everything from rolled oats to white beans to apricots to applesauce to pumpkin seeds. They’re a little bit more on the advanced side with a pretty long ingredient list, but if you have the patience to make them I’m sure they are well worth it.

Last but not least, chocolate chip breakfast cookies are the most indulgent of the bunch. They’re perfectly tender and made with bananas, flax seed, oat flour, rolled oats, almond meal and lots of dark chocolate chips. A great treat anyone will like, especially chocolate lovers like me!

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