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10 Vegan Recipes for Memorial Day

10 vegan memorial day recipes #vegan #memorialday #plantbased photo from Brewing Happiness

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Which means most of my family and friends back in the US are gearing up for a nice, long 3 day weekend full of relaxing by the pool, getting together for BBQs, and soaking up the sun. I’ve rounded up these 10 vegan Memorial Day recipes, which include everything from vegan cheese dip to peanut butter cup freezer fudge to chocolate popsicles. It’s so easy to eat plant-based, whole foods during Memorial Day with no stress!

10 vegan memorial day recipes #vegan #memorialday #plantbased 1. Vegan smokey “cheese” sauce with soft pretzels by Brewing Happiness

2. Vegan turmeric pineapple tofu kabobs by Ambitious Kitchen

3. Vegan avocado, spinach & artichoke dip by Faring Well

4. Baby potatoes with seroendeng by Nourish Atelier 

5. Santa Fe salad with grilled avocado & creamy cilantro dressing by Earthy Andy

10 vegan memorial day recipes #vegan #memorialday #plantbased 1. Vegan & gluten-free classic chocolate chip cookies

2. Vegan chocolate-covered ice cream pops with fun toppings by The Awesome Green

3. Vegan peanut butter cup freezer fudge by Rawberry Fields

4. Simple raw mango pudding with mint simple syrup by With Food + Love

5. Green tea matcha coconut ice cream by The Glow Within

After over a week of cloudy, rainy & overcast weather, the sun is finally out in full force. I’m super excited, because it really gets me in the mood for going to the market, spending time at the beach, and heading to Disneyland. I’m going to try to squeeze in as much time outside as I can this weekend!

I hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. We actually have a holiday here on Tuesday for the Dragon Boat Festival. Unfortunately, that means we do have to go to work on Monday, but we’re planning to head to the races at Stanley Market on Tuesday. It’ll be really nice to have a little midweek break. We haven’t been in a couple of years, so I can’t wait!

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