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The Anatomy of a Cozy Night In

photo by Margaret De Lange

I’m the queen of staying in. Seriously, I’m the biggest homebody ever. I’d always take a night at home cuddled up on the couch watching a movie over going out. My days of partying are way behind me. I find such comfort in just relaxing after a long day of work, sitting down with a good homemade dinner, surrounding myself with candles, and cuddling up in a cozy blanket. I’ve rounded up a couple of really cute, comfy items I think would be perfect for a night at home. Here’s to all my fellow homebodies out there.

fuzzy-sliders cozy night at home from top left // raglan tee / colorblocked socks / flower pressed tub board / palomita blanket

A “must” for me is my favorite pair of slippers. I got them from Old Navy for something like $15 three years ago and have never taken them off since. They’re backless slip-ons that are super fuzzy inside. I wear them so much I often forget to take them off before leaving the apartment to take our dog out. I literally caught myself walking out of our building with them on before realizing I had them on. Oops!

But if you’re into really fancy ones then these pale pink sandals are just too cute. They have that “I just woke up” look but could totally be dressed up too. Anyways, back to my night at home. Another “must” for me is a good show or movie. I’m a BIG lover of watching television (like it or not) and there’s just so much excellent entertainment these days. I’ve partaken in a few Netflix binges lately like Sherlock, The Crown, and Trollhunters (don’t knock it until you try it!). Now, we’re all about the new A Series of Unfortunate Events as we anxiously await the final season of Girls.

oven-baked-fries photo by This Rawsome Vegan Life

But what would a night at home be without home-cooked food? I can’t resist snacking. I take after my mom in that sense. Even after dinner, you’ll find me in the kitchen sneakily rummaging through baskets and boxes looking for something to snack on. I can never say no to oven-baked fries with ketchup or my newest obsession of homemade almond butter with graham crackers

Last, but not least, I really love lighting candles at night. It’s so soothing and relaxing. We always light them for dinner and then leave them on until we go to bed. My current fave is this natural soy wax candle that we got on our last trip to London. And if it’s a special occasion, then I usually treat myself to a hot bath with bath salts, a bath bomb, and bubble bath. You know, the works.

These 5 ways to get cozy this winter make me want to embrace winter full heartedly.

I’m learning how to hygge, a.k.a. the Danish way of getting cozy. I secretly think I’m Danish at heart!

While we’re at it, why not try this vegan hygge macrobowl? Filled to the brim with plant-based goddness + tahini.

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