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5 Fun Holiday DIYs

5 fun holiday DIYs photo from A Pair & A Spare

Happy holidays! In this week leading up to Christmas, I’ve actually gotten myself together surprisingly well. I packed up a big box full of gifts and sent it to my parent’s house, since we’ll be celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong this year. That was my biggest stress, to get the gifts there before Christmas Day. So fingers crossed all works out as planned!

I’ve got most of my fiance’s gifts already. All I need to do is wrap them and do some last minute shopping for his family. Besides that, it’s relatively smooth sailing from here on out! I may even have time for one of these 5 fun holiday DIYs. Who’s with me?

DIY temporary tattoo ornaments photo from The Crafted Life

1. DIY Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

I never even thought this was possible! To tattoo ornaments? I mean come on how cool is that? It’s simple and can be done in just 10 minutes. Plus, use the right type of tattoos and nobody will even be able to tell the difference. DIY temporary tattoo ornaments here we come! 

DIY velvet ribbon photo from Honestly WTF

2. DIY Velvet Ribbon Bow Barrette 

Velvet just screams winter. While these DIY ribbon bow barrettes may not be intended for Christmas per se, I don’t see anything more fitting then throwing one in your hair to match your favorite holiday sweater. They’re just too cute! I think they’d make a really nice, practical bow idea for gift wrapping that could be put to good use instead of thrown away. 

DIY lit up leaf garland photo from A Pair & A Spare

3. DIY Holiday LED Leaf Garland

Sure, you could buy a pre-lit holiday garland. But why buy one, when you could have fun making this DIY holiday LED leaf garland? This one especially has a rustic look like it’s just been foraged from the forest. I love it. Also, there’s nothing I love more than string lights. I’ll do anything to add more string lights to my Christmas decor!

DIY movie quote gift wrapping photo from Studio DIY

4. DIY Christmas Movie Quote Gift Wrapping

“Keep the change, ya filthy animal”. My fiance and I just watched Home Alone 2 the other day, as a follow up to Home Alone which we watched before Christmas last year. I love Christmas movies so much. I used to religiously watch ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. I can quote all the classics basically word for word. This DIY Christmas movie quote gift wrapping would be perfect for sharing all the laughs with the movie lover in your family. 

asymmetrical organic wreath DIY photo from Local Milk

5. DIY Asymmetrical + Organic Wreath

I’ve just recently fallen in love with wreaths. I know they were all the rave last year and are in essence very traditional, but until getting our first real wreath this year I didn’t understand why. Every day, when I get home and see our wreath hanging on the front door, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s an absolute must in my books now! This DIY asymmetrical + organic wreath perfectly embodies the imperfect simplicity of Christmas. 

I hope you enjoy these 5 fun holiday DIYs! As there are only 5 days left until Christmas, which means I can knock out one a day starting today. Woohoo! 

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