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5 Vegan Post-Valentine’s Day Desserts

vegan-valentines-day-desserts photo by Will Frolic For Food

So maybe you decided you’d skip Valentine’s Day this year. Or maybe you’re just so over the commercializing of love and romance. Or maybe you just love desserts. Whatever the reason, I’ve rounded up these 5 vegan post-Valentine’s Day desserts for you to make this weekend!

vegan post-Valentine's Day desserts from top to bottom //

1. Vegan hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows + chocolate shavings by This Rawsome Vegan Life

2. Raw vegan chocolate cashew caramel cheesecake by Will Frolic For Food

3. Peanut butter & jelly donut truffles by So Beautifully Real

4. Sweet avocado bread, which is like banana bread but with avocados, by black.white.vivid 

5. Easy, 6-ingredient vegan blender buckwheat banana pancakes

My boyfriend and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day. Like many couples out there, we cringe at the thought of all the hype and pressure surrounding the “big day”. Instead, we choose to celebrate our love in little ways every day. 

But to be honest, I couldn’t resist the chance to try a 90’s-themed dinner put on by one of my favorite local plant-based restaurants here in Hong Kong. It was a 13-course dinner that took classic 90’s junk food and innovated it with a healthy, vegan twist. My favorite dishes from the night were the taquitos with pine nut queso blanco, BBQ buffalo wings with cashew ranch, and pillsbury cinnamon roll. It’s hard to even pick a favorite, because everything was so yummy!

My boyfriend surprised me with a big bouquet of roses, because our 4 year anniversary was on Feb. 16th. I baked us a vegan and gluten-free heart-shaped vanilla cake with vanilla coconut butter icing and sprinkles. You can check it on Instagram. It was imperfectly perfect and so cute! The most important thing was it tasted super good. Plus, it was the best small size for just 2 people to share.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! And be sure to keep your eye out for more delicious, vegan recipe round-ups featuring some of my fellow food bloggers.

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