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5 Vegan Chocolate Recipes for Valentine’s Day

5 vegan chocolate recipes for valentine's day #vegan #recipes photo from Faring Well

How Valentine’s Day became synonymous with chocolate I’m not sure, but I’m loving it. I’ve been making vegan chocolate mylkshakes in the morning for breakfast, freezing my butt off as I happily sip away. But for those of you who love holidays and desserts like me, I think we should all show ourselves some love this Valentine’s Day by making one of these 5 AMAZING vegan chocolate-heavy recipes. This is for all you chocoholics out there!

vegan glazed chocolate donut holes #vegan #raw

photo from This Rawsome Vegan Life

1. No-Bake Vegan Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes

These vegan, almost raw glazed chocolate donut holes are everything. As much as I’ve moved away from raw food lately (this is what cold weather does to me!), I can’t help but crave donuts in any form. Donuts are always an acceptable treat. I love the idea of having donut holes as a healthy snack!

5 vegan dark chocolate photo from Minimalist Baker

2. 5-Ingredient Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars

Y’all know I’m a big fan of Minimalist Baker’s recipes, because they’re, well, minimal. Not to mention delicious! These vegan dark chocolate bars are no exception. Made with just 5-ingredients, they’re easy to customize based on your preferences. I’m thinking mint chocolate. Or maybe even throw some crushed up Oreos in there. Thoughts?

vegan nutella sourdough waffles #vegan photo from Faring Well

3. Dairy-free Nutella Smothered Sourdough Waffles

I included these, because there’s no breakfast I’d rather wake up to than waffles. Cover them in vegan Nutella and I’ll love you forever. Try this simple recipe for nutella smothered sourdough waffles, just substitute brown rice syrup or maple syrup for the honey to make them vegan. Done and done!

#vegan chocolate pie photo from Pinch of Yum

4. Vegan Chocolate Pie

This self-proclaimed “mind-blowing” vegan chocolate pie tastes like a mix between chocolate mousse and pudding. But it’s in a pre-bought crust AND it’s made with only 5-ingredients. If your mind is not blown, then give me a call. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is?

raw chocolate & coconut energy bites

5. Vegan Coconut & Chocolate Energy Bites

These coconut covered chocolate energy bites still remain one of my fiance’s favorite recipes. He always asks me to make them so he can take them to work. He doesn’t ever eat sweets, so I’m always super excited when he asks for these. If any of your friends or family don’t have a very big of a sweet tooth, make them these! They’re on the less sweet side of the spectrum, since they’re naturally sweetened. But they’re still just as tasty as any dessert!

I hope you enjoy these delicious vegan recipes! Treat yourself to something special this Valentine’s Day. I think my fiance and I are going to keep it very low key, by cooking and watching a movie at home. What’re your Valentine’s Day plans?

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