8 Vegan Spring Detox Recipes You Must Try

vegan spring detox recipes I’ve rounded up 8 delicious spring detox recipes that are an absolute “must” this season! Since traveling for most of March and April, I’ve let my routine get a little bit out of whack. But now that I’m back, I’m trying to ground myself in a healthy meal plan. I always feel my best when I start my day with a morning run, followed by a satisfying breakfast (usually a smoothie bowl or nice cream), and then a full day of work. These 8 vegan recipes are sure to help me get my greens in, keep me full, and make my tummy happy!

8 vegan spring detox recipes

From top to bottom // 

1. Easy quinoa salad with broccoli, spinach & avocado by The Awesome Green

2. Vegan caesar salad spring rolls with sunflower parmesan by Faring Well

3. Roasted potato salad with french lentils & spring vegetables by The First Mess

4. 10 minute peanut stir fry with homemade peanut sauce by Nutrition Stripped

5. Simple vegan spring pea soup by The Fresh Exchange

6. Raw tigernut flour snack balls 3 ways by Faring Well

7. Goddess juice aka strawberry coconut watermelon-ade by Will Frolic For Food

8. Tickled pink bloat busting smoothie by Blissful Basil

I’ve noticed that when I start my day with raw foods like a big freshly pressed juice, smoothie or smoothie bowl, nice cream, or rawnola then my digestion throughout the day is much better. I guess it’s my bodies way of “kick-starting” itself and getting things moving in the morning.

Then, I tend to crave warm, cooked foods in the early afternoon and for dinner as well. Plus I always reach for a sweet treat before bed! Now that I’m home from vacation, I can get back to my regular schedule because I seriously indulged over the Easter holiday.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself while traveling! I used to be super strict with food while traveling, making sure everything was 100% vegan and that I found the best restaurants, cafes, etc. But then it took the fun out of it because I’d often get stressed or anxious. Now I just go with the flow and eat what I want when I want! Then, when I’m back home, I do a simple 3 day detox and get back to my regular routine. Remember that your own body is different! I just hope my advice and tips can help in some way.

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