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The Anatomy of a Cozy Night In

photo by Margaret De Lange

I’m the queen of staying in. Seriously, I’m the biggest homebody ever. I’d always take a night at home cuddled up on the couch watching a movie over going out. My days of partying are way behind me. I find such comfort in just relaxing after a long day of work, sitting down with a good homemade dinner, surrounding myself with candles, and cuddling up in a cozy blanket. I’ve rounded up a couple of really cute, comfy items I think would be perfect for a night at home. Here’s to all my fellow homebodies out there. Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Holiday Wreaths

holiday wreaths

Last week, I was all about DIY advent calendars since it was the beginning of December. Now that the month is in full swing, I am turning my focus to putting the finishing touches on our apartment. We’ve put up all the ornaments on our Christmas tree. I’ve hung our garlands, put out the advent calendar, and set up our wooden Santa that counts down the days until Christmas. The only piece we’re missing is a holiday wreath! So, I’ve rounded up these 5 pretty, festive holiday wreaths that would look stunning on the front door. Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Colorful Christmas Trees

colorful Christmas trees Clockwise from top left // Sugar & ClothA Subtle Revelry / Designlovefest / Ashley Rose

Since we’re going out of town for most of December, we didn’t want to spend too much money on a big Christmas tree this year. But I just couldn’t stand going without one, so me and Julian negotiated and settled on getting a small 4 foot tree. We put it up right after Thanksgiving, excitedly filling it up with all our sparkly, metallic ornaments. It’s such a happy sight to come home to every day! I’ve been seeing a bunch of non-traditional, bright & colorful Christmas trees this year, so here’s a round-up of my 4 top picks for festive, fun tree decorating. 
Continue Reading

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