Wish List Wednesday // Cute DIY Pumpkins

cute DIY pumpkins for Halloween I’m really on a high right now, because I just bought the cutest little pumpkins today.  I walked into the grocery store on a mission for some canned pumpkin (for some vegan pumpkin donuts, recipe coming soon so stay tuned!). The first thing that caught my eye was a little pumpkin display with small and mini pumpkins. Sure, this was no pumpkin patch like I would happily have gone to in the States to hand-pick my own pumpkin. But I’ll take what I can get, so I picked out the biggest pumpkin they had and an assortment of small orange & white ones. I’ve decided since it’s bound to be an untraditional Halloween here in Hong Kong, I might as well make some unconventional, cute DIY pumpkins!

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Tasty Tuesday // Easy Vegan Overnight Oats

easy vegan & gluten-free overnight oats #vegan #healthy #breakfast These easy vegan & gluten-free overnight oats have been my go-to breakfast lately. I love being able to just grab a jar out of the fridge after my morning run, saving me so much time usually spent debating what to make. I’ve been really busy lately, so I’m trying to come up with more ways of being productive when and where I can. As much as I love making french toast or banana oatmeal breakfast cookies,Β I don’t have time most weekdays to make such epic breakfasts. But that is no excuse for skipping out on breakfast! That’s why I’ve made these quick, delicious overnight oats that you can prepare ahead of time. Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // Make Things Happen

make things happen Yesterday, I had one of the toughest, most challenging, and most illuminating days ever. I was simply at my breaking point. As many of you know, I have my own small business making nut butter that I run with the help of my boyfriend. But because he has another full-time job, I of course have the responsibility of handling all the physical production and filling orders. Everything was going smoothly until our equipment (which we just bought a month ago, mind you) decided to break all of a sudden. I guess the building stress had gotten to me, because I basically had an emotional meltdown. How did I get through it?

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State of Mind Sunday // Fall Picnic

fall picnic From top left // Circa Happy / Daniel Faro / Etsy / Tumblr

I’m loving seeing everyone’s blogs transition into autumn colors and tones. I get so much inspiration from my fellow bloggers, because truly there are so many interesting, beautiful, and creative women out there blogging about everything from food to motherhood to photography. I think being totally “original” is so hard to come by, because I am influenced constantly by everything I see on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I see blogging as a supportive community of like-minded people who all inspire and challenge each other. Continue Reading


Travel Thursday // My Top Fall Travel Destinations

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset The photo above perfectly epitomizes my ideal fall vacation. The photographer and his friends took a road trip through the beautifully foggy, sprawling landscapes of Oregon documenting their trip along the way. I miss the States, especially visiting my grandparents in the North Georgia mountains. It’s simply stunning, laid back, and humble. Everything I want in a place. So, I have to say that a road trip through the mountains anywhere in the States would be number 1 on my list of top fall travel destinations. 

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